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Fueling a net-zero future.


A proven platform for every organics-to-renewable energy project

Our multidisciplinary team has over 20 years of experience delivering more than 50 biogas facilities, from inception to realization.


Designing solutions for organic waste

We have the expertise to design facilities based on the organic waste available. We have proven solutions for a wide range of feedstocks, from urban food scraps to manures from large-scale agricultural facilities.

We co-develop projects with like-minded partners

Local Community


Project Developers


Waste Management Companies

Our projects are creating a cleaner more sustainable future


Food Waste

Dairy Manure
Pig Manure
Chicken Litter
Cattle Producers
Energy Crops
Fish Waste


Meat Products
Vegetable Products

Industrial Processing Plants

Expertise in every aspect of biomethane project development

Andion has the proprietary knowledge and breadth of experience to address the unique challenges of converting organic waste streams to renewable natural gas.

We design technological solutions that are specific to each project. Our team will secure optimal facility sites, source waste streams, and work with local jurisdictions and regulators on permitting. Finally, we develop local partnerships to build and operate the facilities.

This in combination with our financial resources allows us to efficiently expedite development and construction.

Working with communities

We are a part of the communities where our projects are built. We believe local partnerships come with social and environmental responsibilities, and every potential community impact demands a solution.

Noise mitigation

We employ noise modelling technology to ensure that the selection of equipment and operating parameters are optimized to ensure an acoustical impact well below local standards.


We take into account the traffic in and out of the communities where our projects are located. We use comprehensive location assessments and requirements from our neighbors to design scheduling and routing that minimize any disruption resulting from traffic to and from the site.

Odor Management

Organic waste is transported to our locations in contained and covered transport. All waste is then processed inside buildings under negative air pressure, and all air is processed through a comprehensive odor management system made up of air scrubbing and biofiltration systems. The result: no odors from our facilities impact the communities.

Contact Us

We are actively developing projects across Europe and welcome all enquiries, from process to partnerships.