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Adesso BioProducts AB is planning a biogas facility in Stenungsund in collaboration with Andion Scandinavia AB 

The facility will enable local production of biogas from the region’s food waste 


Adesso BioProducts AB has signed a letter of intent with Andion, a global leader in biogas facilities and production, to develop a new biogas plant in Stenungsund. The facility will be an important component in the green transformation of the chemical industry, helps to meet an increasing demand for biogas and contributes to solving the waste challenges in the region. The facility will primarily handle food waste, but will also take industrial waste and manure. Once fully developed, the facility is estimated to deliver over 70 GWh of fossil-free biogas to the region’s gas grid, equal to the energy value of 7 million liters of diesel. It will help the Stenungsund based chemical companies and other energy-intensive industries in the region to switch from fossil-based natural gas to biogas and increase the region’s degree of self-sufficiency. 

The new facility will benefit the local environment and circular economy, by recycling food waste that is currently transported long distances to other parts of the country. In addition to the food waste and manure, the glycerin Adesso produces can be utilized as local biogas raw material instead of being exported to facilities in Denmark and Germany. 

In addition to biogas, the facility will also produce biofertilizer for local agriculture which will displace the use of synthetic fertilizers produced using fossil fuels. The facility is slated to be built in the industrial area just north of Stenungsund in direct connection to the municipality’s recycling station and sewage treatment plant. Adesso is also planning to build a bioethylene plant in the same industrial area allowing for additional synergies between the plants, including waste heat recovery. 

Adesso, which is the initiator of the project, will develop the project in partnership with Andion, capitalizing on Andion’s long experience in biogas production and project development. The plan is to start construction of the facility at the end of 2024 after all permits for the facility have been granted.  

“We look with great satisfaction at the possibility of building this long-awaited biogas plant,” said Lars Lind, CEO at Adesso BioProducts. “With the addition of the facility, we will be able to contribute to an improved circular exchange between city, country and industry and utilize local residual streams to contribute to the industrial green transition. Andion has built and operate a large number of such facilities, which feels like a win-win situation right from the start.” 

“A very interesting project for Andion where we get the opportunity to build on the vision of fossil-free energy based on waste of various kinds, mainly manure and food waste.,” Said Ruben Havsed, Head of Business Development at Andion Scandinavia. “The fact that the project is being developed with Adesso BioProducts, a company firmly rooted in the region with extensive experience in fossil-free energy from the past, contributes to a smooth and efficient collaboration.” 


For more information 

Lars Lind 

CEO – Adesso BioProducts AB 

+46 705 75 58 78 



Adesso BioProducts AB, with headquarters in Stenungsund, is a Swedish company specializing in biofuels for the Scandinavian market, primarily biodiesel. The company offers vehicle fuels that completely replace or blend into fossil fuels, for diesel vehicles. They also have products for bio heating. The company was started as part of the chemical group Perstorp AB in the 2000s, when Sweden’s largest plant for biodiesel was built in Stenungsund. Today, the company operates in both Sweden and Norway. 



Ruben Havsed 

Head of Business Development – Andion Scandinavia AB 


+46 700-90 97 29 


Andion Global Inc. specializes in the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy facilities. The company is based in Vancouver BC, with operations in Milan and Stockholm. Andion has a portfolio of technologies and proven processes to convert complex and variable organic waste into renewable energy, having successfully delivered more than 50 complete anaerobic digestion plants. Andion also develops plants in Eskilstuna and Västervik and recently completed an expansion of one of the world’s largest biogas plants for liquid biogas outside Skogn, Trondheim. .