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AndionCogei WWT scarl will provide turnkey waste-to-energy solutions utilizing Andion’s advanced anaerobic digestion technology and Cogei’s experience in civil and industrial wastewater treatment

MILAN, ITALY AND VANCOUVER, CANADA – ANDION ITALY spa and COGEI srl announced today the companies have established a new consortium company to provide customized anaerobic digestion plants for the waste treatment and renewable energy market. The new company, called AndionCogei WWT scarl, has the benefit of the collective strength and experience of two complementary entities that have been working profitably in the sector for a number of years.

Andion’s proven experience in designing customised anaerobic digestion plants for the production of biomethane from organic waste, agricultural and industrial by-products and other organic feedstock, will be complemented by Cogei’s specialisation in the field of civil and industrial wastewater treatment. Cogei has the experience and capacity to carry out complex EPC (turnkey) projects and subsequent O&M services, to provide the market with solutions that meet the needs of the waste treatment, biomethane and renewable energy sectors.


“It’s of utmost importance to reduce fossil fuels and carbon emissions in favour of renewable sources for energy production, and this is the essence of the strategic alliance between Andion and Cogei,” says Roberto Zocchi, CEO of Andion Italy SpA. “Cogei is the ideal partner for us as their expertise in managing large-scale turn-key projects is perfectly matched with our expertise in designing anaerobic digestion plants.”


“Cogei’s more than ten-year presence in the water treatment sector, combined with a strong desire for continuous innovation contributing to ethically sustainable development, is naturally complementary to Andion’s mission, and hence the alliance with Andion’s experience in the field of waste-to-energy production,” says Raffaele Cimino, CEO, Cogei SrL.

Under the Directive (EU) 2018/2001 of 11 December 2018 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources – the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP) –  AndionCogei WWT scarl will be able to play a leading role in public and private tenders by having the necessary certifications and extensive references in the waste treatment and wastewater purification sector.


The renewable energy plants to be built in the coming years under the NRP will be technologically advanced facilities and will require expertise, organisation, performance guarantees, nationwide management capacity and financial solidity. It is precisely to meet these requirements that the joint venture between the two companies has been established.


In addition to the very high degree of specialisation in their respective fields, a further strength of the strategic alliance between Andion and Cogei is the propensity for research and innovation within both organisations.


An example is the “semi-wet” process (patent pending by Andion) for the anaerobic digestion of municipal organic waste (OFMSW), which results in reduced volumes of digestion and digestates already prepared for compliance with the dictates of EU Regulation 2010/1009 on fertilizers. Similarly, Cogei has always been attentive to the development of new technologies for water treatment, including the development of numerous research projects in collaboration with various universities, and is the holder of the European patent “Intelligent control system for biological purification processes” already in application in the field.



Andion Global Inc. is a global technology company with a portfolio of proven technologies and processes for converting waste to energy. With over twenty years of experience in energy production from waste and agricultural by-products, Andion’s integrated solutions cover every aspect of the value chain in waste-to-energy conversion and industrial wastewater treatment.  Andion has more than 50 waste-to-energy projects with sustainable solutions for complex organic waste management and high-efficiency energy production (biogas) and 133 wastewater treatment plants throughout North America and Europe. Andion Global Inc. is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada (Andion North America Ltd.) and has offices in Milan, Italy.



La Cogei Srl was set up in 1992 to operate in the environmental protection sector. Its mission is to design, build and manage civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Depending on the industrial process and specific requirements, COGEI builds water treatment plants using a wide range of existing technologies (reverse osmosis; ion exchange resins; softening; filtration; MBBR) and – thanks to the specialisation and experience it has acquired – with a high level of automation and remote control, with particularly advanced operating logics that can also be managed remotely, which makes it possible to achieve maximum efficiency and reduced operating costs.

For more information, contact:


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