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VANCOUVER, CANADA and OSLO, NORWAY – Andion’s proven experience with proprietary design, optimization and delivery processes of anaerobic digestion plants will be used to expand operations to increase the conversion of biological waste into liquid biogas (LBG) fuel at Biokraft’s Skogn factory. The biological waste consists of agricultural byproducts including cow manure, fish waste and byproduct from the Norwegian fish farming industry and process water from the pulp and paper industry.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Andion for our new LBG production facility Skogn II,” said Håvard Wollan, CEO of Biokraft AS. “As the world’s largest LBG producer, we are already producing 10,000 tonnes of green fuel a year at Skogn, and we are excited about being able to expand our production capacity at this site. We are impressed by Andion’s proven expertise and technologies for waste-to-biogas conversion.”

“According to leading energy analysts, the demand for liquid biogas by 2030 will grow to a point where we will have to build many more plants like Skogn. The industry potential is huge, so we are keen on creating the right partnerships like the one we now have with Andion,” added Wollan.

Andion’s extensive experience in the engineering and design of complex anaerobic digestion systems for varied feedstock will allow Biokraft to streamline operations and expand production capacity at Skogn by executing the Skogn II factory project, with planned construction to commence in late 2020.

“Having been selected by a market leader such as Biokraft to expand the world´s largest factory for production of liquid biogas fuel is very exciting for Andion, and we look forward to applying our extensive experience in designing and engineering sustainable solutions to this highly prestigious project,” said Phillip Abrary, CEO of Andion Global Inc.
The expansion is structured in two stages: 3,500 tonnes of biofuel at Skogn II and another 6,500 tonnes at Skogn III, with the total investment estimated at EUR 30 million. At completion, the project represents an investment of EUR 70 million in Skogn where Biokraft’s LBG production facilities are located. The two new factory stages will be built at the end of Fiborgtangen in Skogn, where land mass will be expanded into the ocean to optimally position the two new plants.
As the market for renewable energy sources such as fossil-free fuel like liquid biogas in Scandinavia is growing, Andion’s process to double production will place Biokraft in a stronger position to meet this demand. The biofuel produced at Skogn is currently being used for heavy transport and other marine transport vessels along the Norwegian coast.

About Andion Global Inc.
Andion Global Inc. is a global technology company, with a portfolio of technologies and proven processes for converting waste-to-energy. With more than two decades of experience in processing waste, Andion’s integrated solutions cover every aspect of the waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chain. Andion has more than 50 waste-to-energy projects with sustainable solutions for complex organic waste handling and high-efficiency energy production (biogas); and, anaerobic digestion solutions for waste processing at 133 wastewater treatment plants throughout North America and Europe. Andion Global Inc. is based in Vancouver, Canada (Andion North America Ltd.) with offices in Milan, Italy (Andion Italy S.p.A).

About Biokraft AS
Biokraft AS is a privately held Norwegian company headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. Among other, Biokraft owns and operates the world´s largest factory for production of liquid biogas (LBG) fuel and is at the forefront of the market trend of successfully transforming the heavy transportation sector to a zero emission sector, by utilizing liquid biogas fuel in heavy transportation vehicles. Biokraft AS is fully owned by Biokraft Holding AS, which is owned by Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB (majority owner), TrønderEnergi AS, Joytrack AS and Cora Holding AS.

For more information please contact:
Phillip Abrary, President & CEO
Andion Global Inc.
mobile: (604) 506-2855

Håvard Wollan, Chief Executive Officer
Biokraft AS
mobile: +47 92883383