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Partnership Creates Flagship Waste-to-Energy Facility for the Southern Italy Region


MILAN, ITALY and VANCOUVER, CANADA – ANDION ITALY S.P.A. (Andion), a global leader in delivering proven and comprehensive waste-to-energy solutions, and ECOROSS S.R.L. (Ecoross) announced today they have entered an agreement where Andion will be the main contractor for the design and construction of an anaerobic digestion plant for the production of biomethane and quality compost.

Site preparation activities have already begun and Andion’s plant operations will commence in early 2022. Andion’s proven experience in the design of anaerobic digestion plants to manage a variety of organic feedstocks will be used to process approximately 50,000 tons/year of organic waste from adjacent municipalities, and 11,000 tons/year of green waste, to produce 12,500 Nm3 /day of biomethane.

Ecoross’s new anaerobic digestion facility incorporating Andion’s proprietary waste-to-energy solution will positively impact the carbon footprint of the Calabria region by reducing polluting gases while producing renewable energy from waste, as well as compost for soil fertility. Waste to landfills will be reduced by 80-90 percent.

“After accessing a number of technology suppliers, Andion clearly had the most technical experience in the construction of anaerobic digestion facilities, as well as the proven expertise in organic waste processing. They have the ability to meet our construction specifications which gave us confidence for a positive return on our investment,” said Eugenio Pulignano, Attorney and founding partner of Ecoross Srl.

According to Pulignano, this flagship anaerobic digestion facility will be a model plant for the entire Calabria Region and Southern Italy, serving as an educational centre to demonstrate the waste-to-energy cycle. Visitors will be able to observe the entire production cycle from reception to post-treatment. “The plant’s architecture will also be well integrated into the surrounding environment, with particular attention paid to odour, landscape or environmental impact,” adds Walter Pulignano, sole Director of Ecoross Srl.

“We are very proud to have been selected by Ecoross as their technological partner for this innovative project, and were very impressed by the Pulignanos’ enthusiasm and drive to create plant engineering excellence,” says Marco Ferlenghi, Vice President, Sales, of Andion Italy SpA. “Producing energy from renewable sources is a passion we share, and allows us to positively contribute to the circular economy.”

“Energy is the engine of civilization and it is vital that it is produced from renewable sources. This project is an example of organic waste being a renewable source that when not recovered or disposed of, causes serious environmental damage,” says  Robert Zocchi, CEO of Andion Italy SpA. “We are honoured to be able to make a positive contribution to this important energy transition.”

In addition to combatting climate change, construction of this anaerobic digestion facility will not only reduce the impact of municipal waste on the environment, but also serve as a high-profile example of the existing collaboration between Ecoross and the University of Calabria (UNICAL) for the development and distribution of new technologies using organic waste (OFMSW) and by-products as raw materials.

This collaboration has been strengthened in recent years, and now provides project authorization, research and optimization activities for the operation of innovative anaerobic digestion plants producing renewable energy from organic feedstocks. UNICAL will provide technical support in the management of the Ecoross facility including R&D activities, elaboration of degree and doctoral theses, scientific conferences and additional lab support.  The plant will be built using innovative Italian and European technologies by companies in various sectors which will also contribute to increasing regional GDP, and, creating and preserving jobs on a local and global scale.


Andion Global Inc. is a global technology company, with a portfolio of technologies and proven processes for converting waste-to-energy.  With more than two decades of experience in processing waste, Andion’s integrated solutions cover every aspect of the waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chain.  Andion has more than 50 waste-to-energy projects with sustainable solutions for complex organic waste handling and high-efficiency energy production (biogas); and, anaerobic digestion solutions for waste processing at 133 wastewater treatment plants throughout North America and Europe. Andion Global Inc. is based in Vancouver, Canada (Andion North America Ltd.) with offices in Milan, Italy (Andion Italy S.p.A), Stockholm, Sweden and Norway.



Ecoross S.r.l. is a young, dynamic, enterprising company with an eye on the future and innovations. A reality that insists on the Calabrian territory since 1994 and provides services for the environment throughout Italy. Humility, honesty, transparency, respect for the environment and its employees are the fundamental values and principles on which it has built its ethical path.

The company is based in the city of Corigliano-Rossano and the management is composed of young people from Calabria led by brothers Eugenio and Walter Pulignano. Today Ecoross, with a workforce of 325 employees, offers integrated and coordinated services to public and private entities, communities and industries. Currently Ecoross carries out environmental hygiene services serving numerous municipalities for a basin of about 170,000 inhabitants that, in the summer season, reach a total number of 650,000


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