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Andion has been granted the maximum amount of 150 million SEK for its Ogestad Biogas project from Klimatklivet – local climate investments for the greatest possible climate benefit.

The Climate Leap (klimatklivet) is an investment programme for local and regional initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and emissions of other gases that impact the climate. The programme is part of the state budget on which the Swedish Parliament decides.

A large part of the funding support from klimatklivet comes from the EU’s recovery fund, NextGenerationEU.

Andion Global Inc. specializes in the development, deployment and operation of renewable energy facilities. The company is based in Vancouver B.C., with operations in Milan and Stockholm. Andion has a portfolio of technologies and proven processes for converting complex and variable organic wastes to renewable energy, having successfully delivered more than 50 complete anaerobic digestion facilities as well as over 130 complex wastewater treatment plants. With more than two decades of expertise and a portfolio of patents pertaining to the processing of organic waste, Andion’s integrated solutions cover every aspect of the waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chain.


Andion Global Inc.
Phillip Abrary, President & CEO, Andion Global
mobile: (604) 506-2855