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Joint Acquisition of Biomethan Green 1 by Andion Italy S.p.A. and EGEA New Energy S.p.A. Ignites Formal Partnership between the Two Companies to Develop Renewable Energy Projects in Italy

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ANDION ITALY S.p.A. (“Andion”), the Italian subsidiary of Andion Global, a global leader in delivering proven and comprehensive waste-to-energy solutions, and EGEA NEW ENERGY S.p.A. (“EGEA”), the EGEA Group company focused on developing, building and managing renewable energy plants, announced today the joint acquisition of BIOMETHAN GREEN 1 – SOCIETÀ AGRICOLA S.R.L. , a fully permitted greenfield agricultural project in Mirandola, located in the province of Modena. BIO-LNG will be produced by processing organic waste, specifically agricultural production waste, using Andion’s proprietary anaerobic digestion technology. BIO-LNG – liquefied biomethane – is a biofuel made by processing organic waste.

Engineering, procurement and construction of the new facility is expected to commence in early 2023. Both EGEA and Andion have started collaboration with the surrounding communities to secure agricultural feedstock – processed to produce renewable natural gas – to be delivered to the new anaerobic digestion facility.

“We are really proud to provide a step forward in this energy transition. Every year, the Andion and EGEA plant will avoid the emission of 8,000 tons of CO2; and will assure the treatment of over 65,000 tons of pig and cow slurry and poultry litter, providing a solution to the abundance of animal waste being produced in the area. The facility will produce enough liquid biomethane to fuel a fleet of trucks more than 10 million kilometres,” says Roberto Zocchi, CEO of Andion Italy and President of Biomethan Green 1.

“The partnership with Andion represents for EGEA a great driver of development in the Biomethane sector,” says Massimo Cellino, CEO of EGEA New Energy. “We are happy to collaborate with a cutting-edge international company capable of pooling the best expertise and most innovative technologies available. The new plant in Mirandola is currently in the design phase and construction will start in early 2023. This plant will produce biomethane from livestock manure. The objective of the EGEA Group, a multiservice utility serving the territories, is to increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources by means of new photovoltaic, hydroelectric, biogas and biomethane plants. In the context of today’s uncertain markets, the availability of autonomous production sources of natural gas creates greater independence and limits the risk in supply.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with EGEA, an established Italian multi-utility that shares the same passion for responsibly developing renewable energy projects throughout Italy. Our first joint project in Mirandola will demonstrate the synergy of our two companies. EGEA’s knowledge and operation experience is ideally paired to Andion’s project development and technological expertise,” says Phillip Abrary, CEO of Andion Global.

EGEA and Andion also announced today the two companies have signed a framework agreement to jointly develop other projects throughout Italy; a natural partnership as the two companies are world class leaders in the development of anaerobic digestion facilities and production of renewable energy, using a variety of organic feedstocks. EGEA has built and manages five biogas cogeneration plants, for a total installed power of almost 3 MW of electricity, having recently commissioned a plant nearby in Cella Dati, which will provide operational synergy to the facility in Mirandola. Andion’s team has successfully delivered more than 50 complete anaerobic digestion facilities.

Not only does Andion’s technology makes organic waste handling and conversion to biogas efficient, sustainable and economically viable, but Andion’s waste-to-energy facilities also provide environmental and socio-economic benefits for communities facing waste challenges. Anaerobic digestion reduces greenhouse gas emissions, eliminates odours, does not require a large footprint, and as well, supports the circular economy as the waste is recycled into biogas, compost and fertilizer.

Andion’s facilities have the ability to process hundreds of thousands of tons of a variety of organic waste, harnessing vital energy and in addition, avoiding the production of harmful greenhouse gases that could otherwise arise from such waste.


ANDION ITALY S.p.A. specializes in the development, deployment and operation of renewable energy facilities. The company has operations in Milan and Stockholm, with global headquarters (Andion Global Inc.) in Vancouver, Canada. Andion has a portfolio of technologies and proven processes for converting complex and variable organic wastes to renewable energy, having successfully delivered more than 50 complete anaerobic digestion facilities as well as over 130 complex wastewater treatment plants. With more than two decades of expertise and a portfolio of patents pertaining to the processing of organic waste, Andion’s integrated solutions cover every aspect of the waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chain.


EGEA NEW ENERGY S.p.A. is a company of the EGEA Group, based in Alba, that deals with the development, construction and management of plants for the production of energy from renewable sources. As part of the energy transition and decarbonization process, EGEA plays an important role in the circular economy of the Territory in which it operates, contributing to the strengthening of a pattern of sustainable development: in fact, its various assets of development include Biomethane, Biogas and Hydroelectric, which are all forms of renewable energy capable of reducing the release of CO₂ into the atmosphere. As of today, the Group operates five plants in the production of Biogas and Biomethane utilizing two distinct sources: livestock manure and by-products from the processing of the Organic Material from Municipal Solid Waste (FORSU plants).