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Good partners & good neighbors.

Every facility has community at its core

We begin with identifying and securing the ideal site, sourcing the organic waste, and determining the ideal destination for the renewable energy we generate. Every step in the process is community-centric and local relationships are an essential consideration. We work diligently to create strong partnerships with local groups and organizations at an early stage, setting all parties up for success into the future.


Getting to shovel ready

With a team of dedicated, seasoned professionals and rigorous methodology, we have the expertise and insight to professionally execute from concept to shovel ready. Our goal is to reach financial close in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Working with regulators, municipalities, feedstock providers, investors and communities, we ensure that our projects begin on solid ground.


Building on success

Andion has delivered more than 50 biogas projects to date. Our highly experienced team has the necessary skills to deliver the optimal process design, equipment selection and project oversight. Andion works with local construction companies to deliver facilities that will meet and exceed all design parameters long into the future.


Operations and maintenance

Once the facility is operational, we continue to monitor every stage of the process. From daily operations to the planning and execution of ongoing maintenance, we ensure optimal through-put and maximum natural gas production performance. Throughout the operations, we ensure that all our community impact promises are met.

Innovative solutions for unique challenges

Research and development has fueled Andion from the beginning. Our innovative technologies address the unique challenges of transforming organic waste into renewable energy. We work with leading research institutions, and have a dedicated lab and research facilities in Europe where we invest in R&D. Our goal is to continue to improve on existing technologies, while creating and developing new technologies that anticipate market needs.

Partners in progress.

Our local partnerships are key to helping us deliver the best financial, environmental and sustainable value to their communities.


Our local partnerships are key to helping us deliver the best financial, environmental and sustainable value to their communities.


We establish long-term relationships with farmers and associations to ensure we design our renewable energy facilities for the optimal outcome for all parties.

Organic Waste Suppliers

We establish close partnerships with organic waste suppliers to secure the long-term supply of necessary feedstock.


We cooperate closely with natural gas utilities to secure a seamless integration to the gas grid or other method of distribution.

General Contractors

We have established local relationships with experienced general contractors to ensure the construction and delivery of a project meets all budget and time constraints.

Certifications you can trust

Andion Global is a proud member of:

We respect and support the United Nations goals in affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, climate action, clean water, resilient infrastructure, life on land, reduced inequalities, decent work, and gender equality.

Contact Us

We are actively developing projects across Europe and welcome all enquiries, from process to partnerships.