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A partnership for people & the planet.

Clean energy. Less waste. Better communities.

The Semiahmoo First Nation is partnering with Andion Global, a proven leader in renewable energy projects, to develop a state-of-the-art Renewable Natural Gas facility. The project is the first of its kind and will provide numerous economic and environmental benefits for the Semiahmoo First Nation, the Metro Vancouver area and the province.

Reducing emissions and fossil fuels

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is not derived from fossil fuels. It is created by breaking down existing waste (agriculture, manure, food waste). It is a carbon-negative fuel source, which means it takes more carbon out of the environment than it produces.

Because it diverts waste that would otherwise sit in landfills, Renewable Natural Gas prevents the methane from rotting food from entering the atmosphere (a greenhouse gas that is 80x more damaging than Co2) and instead captures that methane for clean energy use. This process has the potential to reduce global GHG emissions equivalent to 10-13 per cent of the world’s current greenhouse gas emissions.

Project location

The project will be situated on the reserve lands of the Semiahmoo First Nation adjacent to BC Highway 99 approximately 1 kilometre north of the Canada US border.

Environmental impact

Carbon-negative energy

Renewable Natural Gas is made from existing waste and displaces fossil fuels so it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Existing water undisturbed

No well water will be used in the project, and existing waterways will be undisturbed.

No noise or odour impact

We use state-of-the-art technology to prevent any odours, and the facility will not create any additional noise for surrounding areas.

Quick facts

In Canada, we measure RNG as GJ – gigajoules. That’s one billion joules, which is a measurement of a kg of mass moving at the speed of one meter per second. But it’s easier to understand joules when compared with other types of energy that we’re familiar with. 

 1 GJ of natural gas has the same amount of energy as 26.1 litres of fuel oil, 39.2 litres of propane, or 278 kilowatt hours of electricity1 

Most simply put, one GJ of RNG is equivalent to 4,633 hours of an average 60-watt lightbulb. 

The project will eliminate approximately 55,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) every year (that’s 1,100,000 over the project lifespan).
The annul amount of GHG reduced is equivalent to taking 11,800 cars off the roads annually and reducing gasoline consumption by over 22,700,000 liters.  
The project will help avoid the use of 22,000 tons of chemical fertilizers annually (that’s an avoidance of 26,400,000 GJ of fossil fuels).
The project will generate 3.5M GJ of Renewable Natural Gas, which is equivalent to providing over 37,000 homes with clean energy.
We’ll divert 70,000 tons of organic food waste every year from the greater Vancouver waste stream, which would otherwise end up in non-sustainable disposal sites like landfills or incinerators.

Our application

Andion Global is applying for an air permit from Metro Vancouver. While the entire process of Renewable Natural Gas production–from diverting the waste from landfills to displacing fossils fuels and more–actually reduces greenhouse gases, the facility itself will release some emissions. These will be carefully monitored on and reported to Metro Vancouver, which is the purpose of the air permit.

For more information, please see the Metro Vancouver Environmental Protection Notice.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us at . Or, check our list of frequently asked questions to learn more.


An organic waste to renewable energy company.

Andion is dedicated to fueling a net-zero future by converting waste – like food scraps from homes, or manure from farms – to make renewable natural gas (RNG) – the only carbon-negative renewable energy source.

We develop every aspect of biogas projects, from the initial idea to the final facility. Our team has over 20 years of experience delivering more than 50 biogas facilities. We’re headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.