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Operational legacy meets state-of-the-art technology.

Redefining waste.

Andion has developed state-of-the-art technology to tap into the financial and environmental benefits of organic waste. Our suite of proven, sophisticated hardware and software addresses every aspect of waste-to-energy projects and ensure the highest standards of production. Andion's proprietary technology offers a true 360° service aimed at supporting partners in every phase of the project, including nutrient recovery.



Tornado® is a market-leading, single-point solution for waste de-packaging and grit removal to protect anaerobic digestion facilities.

Organic waste defines a broad variety of materials, typically delivered at the facility with different packaging and grit content. The Tornado® can remove any type of packaging and grit, delivering an organic slurry with a removal efficiency up to 99% of the unwanted removable materials. Andion’s semi-wet digestion process increases digestion capacity by 100%

Thanks to the grit separator, integrated underneath the de-packaging unit, the Tornado® removes the heavy coarse materials that usually build-up in the digesters, reducing the reliability of the facility and increasing the operation costs.


  • Source separated organics in plastic bags
  • Source separated organics in bulk
  • Industrial, commercial and institution waste
  • Restaurant waste
  • Rendering waste
  • Plastic bottles
  • Aluminum cans
  • Carboard boxes
  • Many more


  • Lowest electrical consumption on the market
  • Ability to process different packaging types
  • Lower operational cost vs a multi-step waste pre-treatment system
  • Prevents build-up within the anaerobic digestion tank
  • High quality of digestate after digestion
  • No post treatment of the digestate to remove residual inerts
  • Designed and developed specifically for anaerobic digestion applications

NHFREE: Enhanced Ammonia Recovery

Andion has developed a unique technology for the reliable and economical recovery of ammonia from highly concentrated wastewater such as digestate and leachate, surpassing the existing technologies in terms of reliability and performance.

Nitrogen is one of the most important elements for growing agricultural crops. It is typically added to soil using fertilizers which are derived from fossil fuels – a highly carbon intensive process.

Andion also supports its customers with the liquid fertilizer off-take agreement, environmental permits applications and in investigating potential financial grants and subsidies often available for this technology.


  • Reduction of ammonia toxicity
  • Digestate treatment
  • Treatment of landfill leachate
  • Industrial liquid wastewater treatment


  • NO pH conditioning chemicals
  • NO stripping tower with packing media pa
  • Up to 90% ammonia removal
  • Modular solution, quick installation
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Proven technology
  • Excellent quality of liquid fertilizer
  • Fully automated
  • lstic supports

PIMS – Proprietary Information Management System

PIMS is a proprietary system built with support from Canada’s national research council, designed to monitor, analyze and forecast AD Facility operations in real-time.

Andion uses powerful analytical tools that utilize AI and that codifies complex anaerobic digestion and related models, machine learning and predictive analytics. The PIMS will include advanced functions to (i) predict major equipment failures, (ii) determine the most likely sources of process performance deviations and the proper regulatory and supervisory control systems response, and (iii) provide guidance to operators on longer-term operating strategies.


  • Analyzes the incoming feedstock stream


  • Interpret information and help make key operating decisions
  • Predict process deviations and equipment failures
  • Determine the source of process deviations and recommend responses
  • Develop longer term operating strategies
  • Intuitive approach to data visualization
  • Offers a fully customizable dashboard that can be personalized for each user
  • Advanced analytics and KPIs help to extract the maximum operating efficiency from a facility
  • Generates detailed analyses of all the factors at play in a particular plant

Technology in Action

A typical anaerobic digestion facility layout.

Continuing Development

Active R&D collaborations with a pipeline of new technologies being commercialized 

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